4020 W Saginaw Hwy
Lansing, MI 48917

Traditional Manicure $15+
Mens Manicure $15+
French Manicure $17+
Gel Polish (hands or toes) $20+
Gel Manicure $30+
Pedicure $25+
Mens Pedicure $30+
Manicure & Pedicure $35+
Mens Manicure & Pedicure $40+
Gel Pedicure $45+
Deluxe Pedicure $45+

Nail Repair or Cut Down $3+
Polish Change $8+
Toe Polish Change $10+
Nails Removed $10+
Acrylic Full Set $30+
Acrylic Fill $20+
Nude, Pink, or Gel Full Set $35+
Nude, Pink, or Gel Fill $25+
Overlay $25+
Pink & White Full Set (French or Ombre) $45+
Pink & White Fill $35+

Colored Acrylic / Glitter Full Set $40+ $5/glitter
Colored / Glitter French Full Set $50+
Longer Length $5
Specialty Shapes (coffin, almond, stiletto, etc) $5
Colored Acrylic Fill $25+
Glitter Fill $25+
Colored French Fill $40+
Glitter French Fill $40+ $5/glitter
Full Nail Change (+ $5 glitter or color) $30+
Simple Design for 2 Fingers $5
3D (per finger) $5
Bling (per finger) $8
Swarovski (per finger) $10+
*Unlimited Set* $130
* Gift Certificates Available *


Upper Lip Waxing $7
Eye Brow Waxing $8
Chin Waxing $13
Facial Waxing $25
Foot Reflexology 30-45 minutes $45
  Focusing on pressure points in the feet that correlate to parts of the body experiencing pain or fatigue.
Polarity 60 minutes $50
  A unique treatment based on the concept of the body`s energy field, balancing the flow of your energy. It is hands on and off the body and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Swedish Massage 60 / 90 minutes $50 / $75
  A soothing wellness massage for the mind and body. This focuses on the relaxaztion of the tissues with no deep tissue work done.
Deep Tissue Massage 60 / 90 minutes $60 / $80
  Utilizing special techniques to reach the deeper muscle layers. Addressing your target problem areas, aches, pain, tension, and spasms.
Sports Massage 90 minutes $85
  Focus is to improve the performance of an athlete or body builder. Variations of techniques will be applied based on the client.
Therapeutic Massage 60 / 90 minutes $75 / $90
  Focuses on the tender parts of the body using Myofascial releases to relieve pain, tension, and tight muscles. P-R focuses on Dr Jone`s theory of trigger points.
Hot Stone Massage 90 / 120 minutes $100 / $125
  This technique combines a relaxing massage with deep heat therapy. Smooth stones are heated and incorporated into the massage, providing the perfect treatment to relieve stress, tension, and tight muscles.
Full Body Scrub   $75
  From your neck to your feet. We have sugar, salt, and polish. A very relaxing way to take off extra dead skin. Leaving you feeling refreshed and revealing brighter, softer, beautiful skin.
Full Body Wrap   $100
  Four types of wrap, each including a 30 minute massage.



Concentrating on the toxins inside your body and pulls them out through your pores. Leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.



Targeting cellulite deposits, breaking them down and for a softer, smoother look and feel.


Concentrating on removing the extra water in your body.



Works for your skin. Helping with acne, eczema, scares, stretch marks, etc.
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